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Joachim Schuhbauer interview with Markt & Technik

The HMI developer and manufacturer SemsoTec is in expansion mode, even though its main area of business is the currently faltering automotive industry. A second production site was opened at the beginning of the year, and a third will follow at the end of the year. Markt & Technik spoke to the new managing director Joachim Schuhbauer about the strategy.

Joachim Schuhbauer, Managing Director SemsoTec
Joachim Schuhbauer, Managing Director SemsoTec

Joachim Schuhbauer has many years of experience in both medium-sized and group-structured companies in the electronics sector. He has been in the display business for more than 20 years and worked for many years as General Manager Automotive Displays at JDI Europe. Most recently, he was responsible for product management at Data Modul. Joachim Schuhbauer is returning to his old work environment at SemsoTec, after being away for a little over 2.5 years.

“I really don't know any other company in the HMI industry that has such a good network.”

Joachim Schuhbauer

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