Simulation of optics and light

Design and validation of 
optical systems

We predict the illumination performance of optical systems to save prototyping time and cost while improving the efficiency of your product.


The product design is in place, but does it work? Before expensive prototypes are made, we use our simulation technology to investigate their functionality:

Virtual lighting systems built with Ansys SPEOS® lighting simulation software

Special tracing tools help to optimize light beam guidance

Analysis and evaluation of the measurements until the required performance parameters are achieved. Visualization of results, in relation to the visual habits of the human eye.

Lighting laboratory

Let us be
your lighting laboratory

We take care of your measurements in-house or at your site of:

Brightness and brilliance

ISO contrast


Black mura

Reflections, glossiness or mattness

DAISY is the name of our automated display inspection system for display metrology and the photometric properties of switches and pushbuttons. Regulators or ambient lighting. DAISY delivers fast and efficient measurement reports with specification-dependent evaluations (e.g. automotive OEM spec).

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