Display customization


For displays to be able do their job, they are constructed from several layers of different materials. The individual properties of these layers are crucial for the device to function reliably as well as durably over its entire lifetime.

Display Lagen

Optical in-house bonding processes with black panel effect

Depending on the application, a display may be exposed to strong UV radiation, large temperature fluctuations or long periods of continuous operation. And in vehicles, it must withstand head impact. Reliability is our top priority when building and assembling the stack-up. You can see this in the flawless blackness of our black panels, which we achieve with our patented Panther Black technology, for example.

What we do for you

Custom display to glass integration

Custom enclosure designs for special environments such as dust, condensation, force and ATEX

Touch screens and pads

Fingerprint touch triggering

Additional controls

Functional interface software development in the customer system

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