We take responsibility seriously

Sustainability is our future.

Quality has the highest priority at SemsoTec Group and involves the participation of every employee. A comprehensive, multi-level quality management system, compliant with ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 ensures our quality both through defined processes in the workflows and in the production of our products and components.

Our integrated management system is primarily oriented towards the needs of our customers. This requires us to continuously develop our processes and structures, in particular to comply with the strict procedures in the automotive industry, and to regularly adapt to new conditions.

Because we are active around the globe, we have a particular responsibility with regard to worldwide and long-term challenges such as demographic change, climate change and limited resources. Through sustainability, we permanently protect our environment as well as securing the future of SemsoTec Group. We reconcile economic, ecological and social demands and face up to our responsibility to society.

Utmost commitment in environmental matters.

As a technology company, it is our duty to be particularly conscious of our interactions with nature. Environmental protection is firmly embedded in all our corporate activities and begins at the product development stage. Environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, recycling procedures and energy-saving technologies form a magic triangle at our subsidiaries and production sites, and each new product development must be measured against these criteria.

Through purposefully planned processes and the right selection of materials or procedures, we consistently achieve an ideal level of quality with systematic risk minimization and solid error prevention. By successfully introducing and maintaining SemsoTec Process Management (SPM) and the independent confirmation for efficient environmental management according to ISO 14001:2015, we underline the importance of environmental protection at SemsoTec.

Partners with the right profile.

Suitable suppliers are selected according to SemsoTec's own quality standards, which are based on common industry standards, and other criteria. To be approved for our partner pool, new suppliers go through the SemsoTec supplier management process. In order to guarantee product safety, product conformity and the long-term reliability of our products, as part of our risk management we conduct process audits of our suppliers in accordance with the VDA 6.3 audit standard for series products and the VDA 6.7 audit standard for production equipment.

Quality creates trust.

Our certified quality management system according to ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 serves as a tool for achieving our target of zero defects, as well as for continuous improvement. To increase customer satisfaction and the effectiveness and efficiency of internal processes, we conduct regular internal monitoring audits according to automotive standards.

Frank Neb
Head of Corporate Quality

The SemsoTec Group is certified according to the following standards

ISO 9001:2015 certification for the development, manufacture and distribution of electronic devices and display-based system solutions

ISO 9001

ISO 14644 certification of the clean room (optical bonding/development) and production site

Improved product and process quality through IATF 16949

IATF 16949

ISO 14001:2015 in the field of development and manufacture of electronic devices and display-based system solutions

ISO 14001:2015
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