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Trust SemsoTec to handle your application project. Whether it is a control panel for your medical device for example, an automotive display or a touch display system for your e-charging station.


Component selection

Every HMI consists of individual components such as display, touch, electronics, cover lens and housing that work together to meet individual application requirements.

Only by considering all components can performance requirements such as sunlight readability, touch and haptics, EMC, black panel effect and cleanability be achieved.

To ensure that all environmental and performance requirements can be met, components are selected from our global supplier network.

Without light, a display is just a sheet of glass.
Without electronics, no light.
Without software, no image.

We master the entire spectrum from mechanics to electronics, light and software to final integration. We turn innovative light and display applications into marketable products. For customers from a wide range of industries, from mobility to medical technology.

You get the complete package or individual services from us - whatever you need.

We devote the same care and attention to each development phase:

Virtual product development


Light simulation

Creation of prototypes

Validation in our own laboratory (light, touch, electronics, etc.)

Carrying out the necessary sample phases

Handover to series production

Optical solutions

Reliable industrial products and solutions for a wide range of industries.

Display modules to meet the requirements of the entire life cycle.

All sizes and formats

Robust applications

Sunlight readability

Extended temperature range

Obsolescence management

Customized displays and backlights

Camera-based optical measurements on the display

ATEX applications

Long supply availability

Display Module

Fully automated display test bench.

Measurement of


ISO contrast


Black mura

and more with DAISY (Automated Display Inspection System).

Automatically generated measurement report with evaluation according to specification (e.g. Automotive OEM specification preview image).


Capacitive touch

Fully integrated touch solution, including touch sensor, controller board with tuned software functionality

Multitouch and gesture input capability (zoom up/down, page feed, tap)

Operation with water and wet fingers

Operation with sweaty hands

Operation with gloves

Customized solutions

Resistive touch

High transparency


Used to create a small haptic tap against the finger that triggers a secondary menu function

Force Touch / 3D-Touch

Supports multiple levels of pressure, so a soft press can do one thing and a hard press can do another

Proximity sensing

Detects the presence of a finger or palm without physical contact


The design glass dimensions are based on the installation design concept. The material, treatment and thickness of the glass or PMMA are determined by requirements such as safety, impact resistance, scratch resistance and chemical resistance. Special requirements such as curved glass are possible. Special requirements such as curved glass are possible. The front glass can be custom coated and printed, for functional reasons or to enhance the visual design.

To optimize the design, the edge of the glass can be colored differently or provided with text or logos. SemsoTec offers a wide variety of finishes and printing options to meet individual customer requirements.

Glass types

Standard float glass - untreated soda-lime glass

Thermally tempered glass: usually > 0.5 mm

Chemically strengthened: usually > 2.85 mm

Gloss 100% and reduced

Aluminum silicate glasss

PMMA printing and coating

Elegant printing on the glass surface

Organic and ceramic printing

Back printing

Anti-Glare AG, Anti-Reflection AR

Anti-Fingerprint AF

Panther Black effect

A homogeneous, elegant, black effect on the glass surface as well as on the outer frame (must be taken into account in the overall stack design)

Display Glas

Mechanical integration of components according to customer's design schemes, taking into account mounting requirements, strength, stiffness, weight, environmental requirements (temperature IP rating, vibration, shock, EMC) and ease of maintenance

Material selection takes into account surface finish, chemical resistance and cleaning requirements

Display monitor made of injection-molded plastic parts with aluminum frame for mechanical stability

Proprietary process for optimum bonding between the display and the touch glass

Display Housing
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