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Automated measurements in the lighting laboratory
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In the production of automotive displays, automated lighting measurements are standard. During development, however, a wide variety of measurements must be performed, usually in greater detail than in series production. The interaction of display control, measurement equipment and evaluation of the measured values is often time consuming and error prone. Fully or partially automated measurement, including evaluation and assessment of the measurement results, can significantly simplify the developer’s work here.

Automated measurements in the lighting laboratory
Automated measurements in the lighting laboratory

Both in the automotive sector and in other industries, it is important for displays to comply with the required technical lighting requirements. For this purpose, there are specifications that stipulate the required brightness, contrast and color values. These parameters must be verified, proven and approved in the development phases before series production begins. For this purpose, samples are measured in the appropriate configuration stages, deficiencies are uncovered, and after optimization and fulfillment of the requirements, they are transferred to the next development phase.

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