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Visibility of the smallest details in sharp quality
4K Displays

SemsoTec offers smart optical control units with 4K displays in sharp, clearest image quality and high contrast for applications in medical technology, marine, automotive and industry.

4K Displays
4K Displays

4K displays are ideal for industrial endoscopy or minimally invasive operations, in the inspection of machinery and equipment. Furthermore, they are used for monitoring in control rooms.
Large-format 4K displays are predestined for infotainment applications in the automotive sector and information displays in local and long-distance public transport.

SemsoTec offers customized monitors with 4K displays. SemsoTec analyzes the customer's requirements together with the customer, advises on the selection of suitable components such as TFT display, touch, embedded board and mechanics and manufactures the monitor according to the required properties aligned to the customer-specific application.

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