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CAN-FD and CAN visualizer - 5.0" monitor
User friendly - attractive price

SemsoTec Group presents the CAN-FD and CAN visualizer. It is especially designed for the visualization of CAN-FD or CAN vehicle signals in mobile test applications.

TFT Display 800x480px
TFT Display 800x480px

The monitor offers a high quality, very user-friendly solution at an attractive price. The display gives the driver information about the status of selected CAN signals. The presentation layout for the CAN signals is created with a Windows 10-based configuration tool. A CAN signal can be assigned to each layout cell. The display of a CAN signal includes a freely selectable name for the signal, the value of the signal and the signal unit.

Instead of numeric values or value ranges of the signal, text descriptions can be displayed. Each value or value range can be assigned the properties text/value background color, status LED color, acoustic signal and automatic cell display. The display configuration is transmitted to the monitor via USB. The TFT display, with 800x480 resolution, has exceptionally high brightness at 750 cd/m² and high sunlight readability.

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