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Silent Salesman

SemsoTec GmbH presents the Silent Salesman, a sales, advertising and information display for all applications in public areas where customers, guests and visitors are to be informed and welcomed.

Display in 1280x800 format
Display in 1280x800 format

The Silent Salesman consists of a display in 1280x800 resolution with a brightness of 400cd/m², a contrast of 500:1, an extended temperature range of -10°C to +70°C and a viewing angle (U, D, L, R) of typ. 88°. The design glass is made of high-strength aluminum silicate, chemically toughened. The Silent Salesman features an elegant, attractive housing with Panther Black Panel effect over the glass and is ideal for outdoor use in all public places.

The Silent Salesman is interactive, videos and images can be provided. Information can be updated online using web visualization via HTML5 at no additional cost.

It welcomes customers and guests in salesrooms, hotels, convention centers and amusement parks, at trade fairs, airports and train stations. It is also ideal for use in public transport.

In addition to offering the Silent Salesman as a standard product, customers can also request SemsoTec to design a Salesman tailored to their application, and to select and produce the ideal components for the application, optionally with touch screen.

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