For the eMobility market, we offer
display touch solutions for charging stations

A single charging point for all vehicles. Elegant e-charging point with touch panel for vehicle selection, timer and charging function.


Environmental compatibility through improved design

Sunlight readability

Protection for use in public areas

Our Solutions

SemsoTec fullfills
eMobility requirements



High Brightness

High Temperature Range

Water Touch / glove Touch


Water resistant (IP)

Charge controller

Embedded Solution

Camera integration

NFC integration

Barcode reader

Display touch solutions for charging stations

Environmentally friendly, readable in sunlight, protection for use in public areas.

Future-oriented products that leave nothing to be desired

Chargepool offers standard and customized wallboxes as well as charging stations and ChargePoint controllers.

Display-Family for Outdoor Applications

Such as e-Mobility Charging Stations, Parking and Ticket Vending Machines.

Display kits & touch display kits

Let SemsoTec handle your machine and vehicle display projects.

Aufbau Display

Customized solutions

Let SemsoTec handle your machine and vehicle display projects.


Optical bonding is a process for bonding display components together

For example, bonding LCD, touch panel and cover lens, where the adhesive (optical bonding material) completely fills the gap between the corresponding components.

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