SemsoTec is the leading supplier in
automotive display touch technology and infotainment

We supply products and services including instrument clusters and other cockpit displays, test equipment including test monitors, video converters and display test benches.

Fahrzeug Cockpit

We provide support for concept studies and development programs

We are certified to IATF 16949:2016
This certification reinforces our process-oriented approach to quality management and the fulfillment of stringent requirements for risk assessment and the resulting risk management.

Our Solutions

SemsoTec fullfills
automotive requirements

IATF 16949


High Contrast

AG/AR surface

High Brightness

High Temperature Range

Haptic Feedback

Smart Surface (3D shaped)


Free Form

Special lighting

Camera integration

Automotive display touch technology and infotainment

Products and services including instrument clusters and other cockpit displays, test equipment including test monitors, video converters and display test benches.

Complete custom touch display solutions with mechanical and electrical vehicle integration for all cockpit display functions including climate control, instrument cluster, mirror displays and infotainment. We provide comprehensive support to meet vehicle performance and quality requirements.

Display stack design

Display stack design for image quality, clear colors, low reflection, high contrast and black panel effect under application environmental conditions. For superior display applications demonstrating elegance and design quality and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

Engineering services

Our team of experts at the Munich site supports customer projects from the concept phase to production. The result is an aesthetically pleasing design that incorporates the latest technology and provides a high level of usability in accordance with generally accepted OEM automotive specifications. The in-house laboratory is available for optical measurements and simulations.

Quality creates trust

Our ISO 9001 certified quality management system serves as a tool to achieve our zero-defect goal. To increase customer satisfaction and the efficiency of our internal processes and due to our closeness to the automotive industry, we have been IATF 16949 certified since mid-2021.

Fahrzeug Cockpit

Automotive instrument clusters

  • Instrument clusters and motorcycle dashboards with various interfaces such as CAN
  • Complete solutions are offered with customized embedded software for control and the graphical user interfaces
  • Rectangular and round display solutions

Motorcycle and car system and performance management via CAN

  • Speed, engine rpm, trip/km, warning lights, temperature, fuel levels
  • Touchscreen operation with motorcycle gloves and in wet conditions
  • Service tool for diagnostics
  • Automatic brightness control
  • Customizable user interface
  • Single board PC with quad processor
  • Linux operating system

Display extension

Display stack designs to achieve high image quality, clear colors, low reflection, high contrast and a black panel effect under different environmental conditions.

Kombiinstrument Kombiinstrumente

SemsoTec offers standard and customized display-related test equipment as part of our comprehensive support package for our customers' development and production projects. The test equipment can be used to generate, process and manage test data in the lab and on the road.

Sunlight readable test monitors for in-vehicle mounting

Various display sizes from 5 to 16 inches with and without touch

New 5-inch monitor for displaying CAN-FD bus communication signals

Camera-based, automated display test systems for standardized display measurements. The test systems can be supplied for evaluation of potential displays in the development environment and for measurements in production.

Video converter for converting and splitting video signals (HDMI and FPD-Link-3). 3 output signals for up to 4 display pairs with associated CAN control signals.

Testmonitor Displayprüfstand Video Converter

Display kits & touch display kits

Let SemsoTec handle your machine and vehicle display projects.

Aufbau Display

Standard and custom electronic boards with embedded software for display control of graphical user interfaces. Flexible interface options (CAN, LVDS, FPD-Link-3 etc.), extended temperature ranges.

Embedded computer boards

  • Single-board computer
  • Temperature range -40°C - 85°C i.MX6 Quad Core 800 MHz
  • CAN interface
  • Linux operating system
  • Automatic brightness control

Display adapter boards

  • Driver electronics for backlight
  • LVDS graphics interface
  • Touch control
  • Voltage regulation

CAN control gateways

  • CAN and CAN-FD interface
  • Voltage regulator

Video source splitters and switches

  • +FPD-Link-3
  • CAN controller
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